Broadband Infrastructure Build FAQs and Current Events (check back regularly for updates)

On October 5 the Contractor for infrastructure buildout will be announced.

To prepare for the infrastructure build out, all homeowners should identify the preferred route across their property and where on the exterior of their home they would prefer the fiber enter their home. Review the maps that are on this site to view your home and the approximate route the fiber will take to your home. You will want to identify the best route across your property for the fiber to lay. If you plan to bury the fiber, that will be at your expense on your personal property. The contractor will have a cost/foot if you would like them do this work when they are installing the fiber. You may also opt to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Seasonal homeowners will want to work with their caretakers to identify the route on their property as well as space on their house for the broadband to enter as you may not be on-island during the installation. Once the contractor is selected the mode of communication will be established.