To the Monhegan Plantation

A resource for plantation related news and events.

Officers and Contact Information

First Assessor:  Tara Hire
Second Assessor: James McDaniel
Third Assessor: Mott Feibusch
Clerk: Lisa Brackett
Collector of Taxes: Donna Cundy
Treasurer: Jennifer Marr
Constable: Matt Weber
School Board: Jessica Stevens, Mary Weber, Joan Brady
Planning Board: James McDaniel, Greg Rollins,Tara Hire, Matt Weber, Kathie Iannicelli
Municipal Power District Trustees: Willard Boynton, Matt Weber, Kole Lord
Fire Chief: Greg Rollins
Harbor Master: Sherman Stanley
Road Commissioner: Stewart Way
Solid Waste: Travis Dow
Truant Officer: Willard Boynton
​Town office phone number: 207-594-8833
Email: monheganplantation@gmail.com
​In case of an emergency dial: 911