TO: Retail, Restaurant and All Lodging Business on Monhegan:

Please visit the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development Website to review the latest guidelines and requirements for opening and operating all businesses on Monhegan.

If your business or organization does not have a specific checklist on the Maine DECD Website, please use the general checklist as your guidance to open when permitted to do so.

All Businesses on Monhegan are asked to familiarize themselves with the DECD guidelines and instructions posted on the the website and to fill out the Covid-19 Checklist Compliance Form.

Please check the Maine DECD Website regularly for any updates to the checklist(s) you are using.

Links to Business Opening Checklists:

Retail Business Checklist

Restaurant Checklist

Hotel and Lodging Checklist (includes Cottage Rental, Guesthouse, and AirBnB Rentals)