Now hiring – Monhegan Plantation Municipal Administrator

Interested candidates please submit your resume, hourly wage request, and a cover letter to
by August 22nd, 2020 for consideration.

Job Description: Monhegan Plantation Municipal Administrator

Purpose of Position:
Monhegan Plantation in Monhegan, Maine seeks a Municipal Administrator. This position reports to Monhegan Plantation’s Board of Assessors and is responsible for a variety of municipal administrative tasks, as well as being appointed Deputy Treasurer and Deputy Clerk of the municipality. This position is for an hourly, non-exempt employee of Monhegan Plantation who will be paid a rate of up to $30 per hour. The employee will be expected to work an average of 18 hours per week throughout the year. The position will also require that prospective candidates either be an existing Monhegan resident or have the ability to work on-island in the municipal office 18 hours per week.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Assists the Treasurer and Town Clerk in deputy capacity as needed to ensure that duties of these departments are completed in a timely fashion
- Assists the Board of Assessors with preparation of warrant for monthly board meetings
- Assembles materials for and attends all annual meetings and Board of Assessors meetings, records the proceedings and prepares the minutes for plantation records.
- Prepares correspondence, forms, and other documents as directed by the Board of Assessors
- Assists department heads with monthly updates, budgeting, and documentation
- Validates and maintains copies of official documents and assists municipal officials with responding to incoming information requests as governed by the Freedom of Access Law and any other applicable local, state, or federal requirements.
- Oversees posting of official notices and advertisements, ensuring timely publication in accordance with State statutes and regulations.
- Maintains the plantation website, including posting of notices, minutes, and reports, and updating the calendar.
- Serves as the Monhegan Energy Task Force communications manager
- Works in collaboration with elected officials to prepare plantation publications, including the annual town report and related department budgets
- Works with Board of Assessors and department chairs as time allows to research and apply for municipal grant opportunities
- Acts as communication liaison between community organizations and the plantation’s government, assisting with cross-organizational projects and grant applications as needed
- Is responsible for maintaining a clean and organized office environment, including arranging solid waste removal from office and ordering of office supplies as requested
- Checks all incoming mail, voicemails, and emails to the Monhegan Plantation account a minimum of three times per week and sorts, responds, or forwards to the appropriate official with the same frequency

Requirements of Work:
- Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing, including research capability and reporting ability
- Ability to organize and use time effectively, and to be creative and analytical.
- Ability to listen and to accept criticism, must possess conflict resolution skills and public relations skills
- Strong time management and multitasking skills
- Working knowledge of physical mailing systems and ability to effectively manage a general contact municipal email address
- Computer literacy skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office suite, data entry, and website maintenance
- Ability to enter data efficiently, timely and correctly in order to meet deadlines
- Ability to work independently and with a team
- Ability to work in a busy office with occasional interruptions

Preferred Education and Experience:
- Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent combination of education and experience (ex. Associates degree and two years of municipal operations experience)
- Preference will be given to candidates with experience in municipal budgeting, QuickBooks usage, grant writing, and project management
- A working knowledge of Monhegan Plantation history and community is also preferred
- Knowledge of municipal management, municipal government programs, community problems, and decision-making processes

Physical Requirements:
In this position, the employee will be expected to work all hours in the Monhegan Plantation Office unless otherwise negotiated with the Board of Assessors. Prospective candidates must be able to sit for long periods of time while using office equipment and computers, as well as attend meetings in-person in a variety of locations. Candidates must also have the ability to move around the town office as needed, bend to access file drawers, and occasionally lift objects that weigh up to 30 pounds.

*Monhegan Plantation is an equal opportunity employer and will comply with all related legal requirements. Employment will be decided on the basis of qualifications and municipal operations needs.